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Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Event Venue

Choosing the appropriate location for your event may make a huge difference. There are several factors to take into account when choosing a venue, whether you're organizing a sizeable multi-day conference, cocktail reception, opulent awards gala, business meeting, or industry gathering. Here are our top five suggestions for selecting a venue for your upcoming event:

1. Location, Location, Location!

Your guests should be able to easily access the venue's location. Make sure there are enough of parking choices close by and that the property is near a public transportation centre or station if you're looking in a city. In order to give your attendees a choice of options to suit their various travel budgets, if you are planning to have abroad guests, pick a location that has a variety of hotels within walking distance. At magnolia hall not only is closes to transit station we have ample outdoor and underground parking to make your guest commute easier. We have Raddison hotel 5 min drive away from the venue with airport shuttle service.

2. Size & Space Flexibility

The space's dimensions and capacity must be ideal: If it's too little, it will appear packed; if it's too big, it will appear vacant and unattended. The majority of venues list the maximum capacity for each of their rooms, therefore you should always strive to slightly undershoot that number with your goal attendance. Find a location that offers a variety of room sizes so that, in the event that you have to go to a different one due to registrations, you will have the flexibility to do so as your plans develop. Our main ballroom at Magnolia can accommodate a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 480 guests, while the Jasmine ballroom can hold a maximum of 150 people.

3. Catering & Audio-Visual Services

Whether you're planning a press conference in the morning, a cocktail reception in the evening, a business meeting in the middle of the day, or a formal dinner banquet, make sure the venue has experience hosting events of this nature and that it has staff members who are solely responsible for helping you plan the menu, the available drinks, and the A/V support you'll need. The best locations are those with their own in-house food and audio-visual services because they have everything on hand, are familiar with the area inside and out, and can quickly come up with creative solutions if you or your guests have last-minute needs on the day of your event. The Magnolia Banquet has a skilled crew, an in-house catering team, and a decor team. We have also have built in sound & lighting system with pre installed projectors screens.

4. Price & Value

The cost ends up being the deciding factor when selecting a location more often than not. Look for venues that offer competitive rental rates that include room setups, linens and other basics. Some locations will charge you $$$$$ for the room alone, plus additional fees for the use of tables, chairs, and table linens. Ask specifically what is included? At magnolia we offer all inclusive packages that will work with your budget without any hidden fees.

5. Event manager and Friendly staff

Last but most certainly not least, make sure your venue has experienced, helpful and friendly Staff! The best venues will provide a dedicated Event Manager who will be your partner in helping you manage all of the logistics for your event (room setup, food/beverage menus, audio-visual needs, etc.) At Magnolia Hall we have experienced event manager on site to make sure your event runs smooth.

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