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Don’t Make These 5 Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Mistakes

Updated: May 15

Sunlight, winds, trees, and flowers are all items that are frequently present at an outdoor wedding. An outdoor wedding also means dealing with mosquitoes, sunburns, and a freezing bum. An outdoor wedding might be a lovely option, but it does have its own share of difficulties. I sincerely believe that you can have a wedding day outside that is pleasurable for everyone if you take into account all the drawbacks and make the necessary preparations.

1. Nobody Can Hear You

They want to witness your vows and be moved to tears by the beauty of love. But if they can't hear you, none of this can happen! Visitors will be a little irritated in addition to chatting among themselves about how they can't hear. You don't want your guests to feel that way on your special day.

Ensure that the attendees at your wedding are situated near enough to hear everything. Consider investing in microphones if you're unsure. You may find microphones to be a bit unpleasant, but imagine how annoying it would be if none of the lovely words you worked so hard to write were heard by your guests. You can purchase body mics, a mic on a stand, or a portable microphone. If you're still unsure, consider the elderly guests you've invited or your grandparents, who will already have trouble hearing even with microphones.

2. The lovely sun is shining directly into your eyes.

The sun can be so lovely, except when it shines directly into your eyes while you're trying to attend a wedding. Consider your event's location and timing. Will the sunlight be in your visitors' eyes at that time and that place? Will it be in your eyes, even worse? Say "I do" without closing your eyes or wiping them with tears. You'll want a clear view of your loved ones in the audience as well as your fiancé without any obstructions.

I would advise covering the area with a tent. If you already have a tent booked for the reception, this is a fantastic choice. You might possibly provide sunglasses as a fun favour if you don't want to obstruct the views. No matter what you do, the sun can be a pain, but if you take some proactive steps to assist visitors, it doesn't have to be a major concern.

3. Weather conditions

Think seriously about temperature, I know in Alberta summer months either too hot, raining or too windy. Have backup plan in mind when planning out door wedding If it’s hot, provide shelter from the sun. I recommend having a building that is air conditioned for guests to slip into if they’re feeling overheated. Huge fans are another great way to ensure guests can access cooler air. You could have ice packs ready or cute handheld fans.You can offer hot drinks like hot chocolate and tea. You can provide blankets for the ceremony that are cute and match your theme. Again, it might be a good idea to provide a warm space for guests to escape to when they’re just feeling way too cold. I know Mother Nature doesn’t always behave how you want her to, so just know this and take the necessary precautions.

4.Bug Situation

Consider nature. It might be stunning, but it can also be problematic. Mosquitoes are, as we all agree, the worst. Before your wedding, think about hiring a business to spray your venue for bugs.Overall, taking into account the most vulnerable among your guests is the greatest approach to guarantee a wonderful outdoor ceremony experience. Consider your 80-year-old grandma, who has trouble hearing and definitely can't withstand extreme heat, before making every choice. Consider how you would feel if you were a guest at your own wedding as well. Think about include the things that will keep people relaxed and content. If you believe that offering fans or insect spray will be garish and out of keeping with your theme, come up with inventive methods to deliver them. You may incorporate useful things into your day without sacrificing the authenticity or feel of it. If you're ready, you can have the ideal outside ceremony that everyone will like!

5. Bad seating or long standing

I've been to weddings where I was expected to remain seated for the 30-minute ceremony. Doing this to your visitors is impolite, especially if they are elderly or wearing high heels. Keep the ceremony brief if you require your guests to stand for some reason. Additionally, if the ceremony will be sitting, give elegant seats. While adorable and in keeping with the concept, forcing your guests to sit on hay bales or tree stumps is not particularly comfy. Before your wedding, have a look at your seating arrangement. Make some adjustments if your ceremony lasts an hour and those subpar seats you rented for cheap. Make your guests' comfort a top concern by renting cushions or taking other appropriate measures.

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